In 1997, God gave Reverend Marlon D. Scott Sr. a vision he would pastor a church called Emmanuel that would minister to the whole person spirit, soul and body. Mathew 1:23 states, “Behold a virgin shall be with child, and shall bring forth a son, and they shall call his name Emmanuel which being interpreted is, God with us. The name of the church was to be a constant reminder that whatever the situation, problem or event God is right there with his people. The Lord also spoke to Rev. Scott that his wife would play an integral part in the vision and that she would use her gifts in medicine for ministry. Rev. Scott did not know how, where or when this vision would play out.

In October of 2003, God released Rev. Scott from his ministerial assignment where he served faithfully and told him to plant a church in Columbus, Georgia. This was a challenging time because Rev. Scott had never dreamed of planting a church and did not know much about the process. Never the less, Rev. Scott was obedient and moved exactly when the Lord said move. The Lord honored his obedience, because if Rev. Scott had delayed he would not have met CHJP & Associates and Visions Financial, a team of dedicate and devoted Kingdom building Christians who helped lay the foundation for Emmanuel’s financial system.

On December 1st of 2003 Rev. Scott resigned from his lucrative corporate position with a major pharmaceutical company and on December 7th 2003 Emmanuel Christian Community Church had its first worship service at he beautiful and historic Liberty Theater in Columbus, Georgia. The first service was composed of mostly family and friends. Even though no one joined Emmanuel that day Rev. Scott knew in his heart that this church was God’s will. On the first Sunday in January 2004 ten people joined the church and ever since then there has been only a few Sunday’s that people have not joined Emmanuel.

Under the instruction of God Emmanuel has birthed several life-changing ministries such as: Youth for Christ/Kids for the Kingdom; Single, Saved and Satisfied; Women of Excellence; Might Men of Valor; The Greeters; Couples Connected to Christ; Refreshments; Praise Team; Emmanuel Team Representatives; Beautification Team; The Prayer Team; and, the LIFE University Bible Institute. On September 7th of 2004 Emmanuel Health Clinic was birthed where Dr. S Scott serves as Medical Director. Emmanuel Health Clinic’s mission is to provide a Christian environment while providing top-notch medical care. It must be said over and over that the success at Emmanuel has been because of a team effort. Whenever God, Pastor, and people team together for the glory of the God, miracles happen, and Emmanuel has experienced many miracles already.

At Emmanuel we believe that all things are possible with God. We believe at Emmanuel that everybody is somebody and has a God given purpose and destiny.

During the vision casting service Rev. Scott said, “Columbus does not need another church. What Columbus needs is a safe environment where people from all walks of life can hear the liberating good news that “Jesus Christ cares for them and died for their sins.” As great and as exciting as this past years has been the best is yet to come. There is a feeling of expectancy and an air of divine electricity at Emmanuel. Emmanuel Christina Community Church is on the brink of something special. Ready to take the life-changing message of Christ to the world. We are constantly seeking men, women, boys, and girls who want to be a part of this incredible, far-reaching move of God that is happening here at Emanuel Christian Community Church.

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